About Us

About Fiberite™

Fiberite™ is a South African manufacturer supplying innovative composite products to the world’s infrastructure. Fiberite™ promotes innovation, quality and a commitment to customer service. We aim to listen, be responsive and committed to our customers while being honest and direct in communicating our ability to respond to our customer’s needs and expectations. We leverage global resources to provide our customers the best, most technologically advanced composite infrastructure products. Our effective design and manufacturing processes constantly address the balance between strength, mass and durability. 

And when you consider our philosophy that touches every aspect of our business: The Intelligent Use of Composites™, you’ll never be in doubt which products will stand the test of time. 

Our Vision

To become the company that changed the industry through innovative thinking and developing technologies, advancing our industry and becoming one of the most respected companies for its expertise and support in our industry.

Our Mission

To provide our customers with innovative, well-researched and tested composite products and continually offer service levels witch cannot be matched.

The Present

Fiberite™ design, manufacture and distribute high quality composite infrastructure products for the utilities, civil engineering, petroleum and telecommunications markets in the EMEA region. (Africa, Europe and the Middle East) Our deep-rooted commitment to innovative products and technologies lies at the heart of The Intelligent Use of Composites™ philosophy. The increased demand for alternative materials and solutions to traditional infrastructure products prompted us to invest in highly sophisticated and advanced technology as well as review and streamline our processes and systems.

The Future

Fiberite™ will continue to expand the product range, by focusing on customer specific needs. Development of the right products and solutions will ensure a continued market leadership position well into the future.

Fiberite™ will continue to enhance our products yet unfailingly remaining focused on never compromising on quality. Our reputation of being innovative and at the forefront of composite technology is already recognized and sought after by our customers in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

Our team is proud of the Fiberite™ brand and to all who work there the words “Innovative Quality” are more than just a company slogan, they are a fact that all our customers have become accustomed to.