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The Intelligent Use of Composites™

The Intelligent Use of Composites™

At Fiberite™, we believe it is our responsibility to develop innovative products and solutions that is of superb quality. Among all materials, composite materials have the potential to replace widely used steel and aluminum and with better performance.

Due to their light weight, high stiffness-to-weight and strength-to-weight ratios, and high resistance to environmental degradation, resulting in lower life-cycle costs, composites are increasingly being considered for use in infrastructure applications ranging from the retrofit and rehabilitation of buildings and bridges to the construction of new structural systems.

Fiberite’s effective design and advanced composite manufacturing processes constantly address the balance between strength, mass and durability. Every Fiberite product is a testament to that truth.

From innovative composite manhole covers, trench covers and gratings to leading-edge smart RFID technology, Fiberite™ products is improving infrastructure while setting the industry standard.

Through innovative product development Fiberite™ is shaping composite products that serve as the infrastructure of neighborhoods and cities, improving infrastructure with our innovative quality.

Creating novel solutions to important problems. That’s The Intelligent Use of Composites™.