Compliance and Classification of Manhole Covers and Drainage Gratings According to European Standard EN 124:1994

EN 124:1994 also known as SANS 50124 is a European Product Standard adopted by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) dealing specifically with Manhole Covers and Drainage Gratings. SANS 50124 stipulates the following: “This national standard is the identical implementation of EN 124:1994 and is adopted with the permission of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN), rue de Stassart 36, B-1050 Brussels. SANS 50124 is technically identical to EN 124:1994.”

The EN 124 standard is implemented by more than 50 Countries.

All Fiberite™ GRP products are designed and manufactured according to the EN 124:1994 standard.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between SANS 1882:2003 and EN 124:1994?

Unfortunately in the South African market there are conflicting standards with regards to manhole covers and gratings. They are:

  • SANS 1882:2003 (Polymer Concrete products only)
  • SANS 558:2015 (Cast Iron products only)
  • SANS 1294 (Precast Concrete products only)
  • EN 124:1994 (Composite, ductile iron and cast iron products only)

SANS 1882:2003 is a standard that applies to Polymer Concrete products only. This standard does not cover composite products. The biggest difference between EN 124 and SANS 1882 are the raw materials used for manufacturing and the load ratings or duty classes. SANS 1882 has much lower duty classes than EN 124. See the load rating comparison table below.

EN 124:1994 SANS 1882:2003 SANS 558:2015 SANS 1294:2012
15kN (1.5ton) 7kN (700kg) 7kN (700kg) 7kN (700kg)
125kN (12.5ton) 40kN (4ton) 40kN (4ton) 40kN (4ton)
250kN (25ton) 135kN (13,5ton) 135kN (13,5ton) 135kN (13,5ton)
400kN (40ton)
600kN (60ton)
900kN (90ton)